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  • Sales Executive
  • Zhengzhou,China
  • 2018.07.27
  • Sales
  • 1

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Set team goals based on the company's target and ensure the completion of the goals.

  2. Make sure all the orders in the right track and correct.

  3. According to market information, assist team members to negotiate with potential and existing key customers, follow up orders.

  4. Develop departmental training programs to enhance team business capabilities and promote business growth.

  5. Collect the exhibition information and organize, participate the exhibition . 

  6. Develop and maintain overseas markets, master industry information, and gain insight into industry trends.

  7. Have a sense of service and cooperation.

Job Requirements:

  1. College degree or above.

  2. More than 3 years of business experience in the trade field, with team management experience preferred.

  3. Familiar with trade operation procedures and related laws and regulations, with expertise in trade field.

  4. Have a strong sense of professionalism, teamwork and independent ability, willing to develop and innovate.

  5. English, Spanish, Russian, International Business, E-Commerce, Mechanical majors are preferred.

  • Sales Reps.
  • Zhengzhou,China
  • 2018.07.27
  • Sales
  • 2

Job Responsibilities

  1. Using the quotation information provided by company, follow-up with the customer requirements.

  2. Negotiations with clients and sign the contracts. Follow up customer's payment.

  3. Known the market information, built and keep the good relationship with clients.

  4. Responsible for the collection, tracking and managing of client's information.

  5. Improve the inquiry conversion rate and assist the department manager to complete the company's targets. 

Job Requirements

  1. More than 1 year working experience in foreign trade.

  2. Excellent English skill; familiar with international business etiquette.

  3. Smart and independent problem solving.

  4. English, Spanish, Russian, International Business, E-Commerce, Mechanical majors are preferred.


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